Comfort Audio DigiSystem DE-10 Earset

The DE-10 is a small, flexible receiver which can be used in combination with all DigiSystem microphones.

The receiver is attached directly to the ear and is usable with or without all in-the-ear hearing aids.

Suits users with a high demand for stylishly designed and discreet products – the DE-10 looks like a modern mobile phone accessory.

Volume can easily be adjusted with a button on the unit.

Equipped with the unique SST technology for excellent clear sound and eavesdrop secure radio transfer in real time.

Price on Application

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Unique Characteristics:

SST Secure Stream Technology – digital sound transfer
This unique digital sound transfer between the transmitter and the receiver eliminates all transmission noise. Moreover, the signals are encrypted, so no one can overhear what is being said. Unlike other conventional encrypted systems, SST is free from time lag and crystal clear.

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