Comfort DigiSystem Case Study – Susan Sayer

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Mental Health Advocacy Scheme
The Challenge…

I needed a solution for work as it is crucial that I am able to hear accurately so that I can fully represent my clients’ needs regarding their care and treatment. I also struggle in training sessions and group work; my hearing aids were not up to the job.

The Solution…

The Comfort DigiSystem, is a flexible and modular system that can be used in a variety of work place situations to assist the hearing aid user.

The Benefits…

With this system the quality of sound I hear is greatly improved, I am less stressed and feel more involved in my work and training events. Overall I am happier in my work than I have been for a long time.
Susan’s Story

I have a bi-lateral hearing loss, recognised in my teenage years, and have been a double hearing aid user for about 30 years. When I was young people wondered why I was often singing the wrong song lyrics. It seemed I was replacing the words with what it sounded like due to my hearing loss. I always thought Neil Diamond was singing about “Reverend Blue Jean” until a friend pointed out what the lyric actually is.

For the full story download the full case study PDF here

Student and Researcher – Rachael Macleod

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Rachael’s Story – Needing a Little More

I am a twin and we both started losing our hearing at three years old. I eventually got hearing aids when I was at school.

What makes me really sad is that I recently had deaf awareness training in my work and the trainer said that there were no deaf PhD students in Scotland. I want to prove to myself and to all the doctors that said we would not achieve a ‘normal’ education. In fact I have surpassed that. I graduated with first class honours after going to university as a mature student, I am just about to finish my masters in research methods and I start my PhD in social policy later this year. I plan on finishing it!

Choosing the Right System

To aid me in finding the best and most appropriate solution for my needs Gordon Morris Ltd supplied me with a demonstration kit. We then had a Skype meeting where we went through the units available and selected the best for my needs. I was then allowed to use this for a further 10 days so I could test it out in the variety of situations that it would be required for.

‘The service I received here was fabulous. The team could not have done more to help me and consistently went out their way to make sure I got what I needed from their service and support. Brilliant team and I highly recommend them. They were with me every step of the way.’

For the full story, Download the Full Case Study PDF Here

Adult Social Care, Learning & Development – Tim Luxton

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Tim Luxton is a hearing aid user and manager of the Adult Social Care Learning & Development team within the Community Directorate. Tim approached Gordon Morris Ltd regarding a system that would benefit a hearing impaired person in meetings and conference situations. Portability was of utmost importance and infrared systems were explored initially.

For the full story download the full case study PDF here