About Fixed Hearing Equipment

design3Commercial buildings are buildings that are used for commercial purposes such as offices, retail shops, warehouses, shopping centres etc.

These situations have a number of users, who all have differing requirements, including hearing aid users who require some sort of access.

With acts such as the Equality Act 2010 pressurising buildings to comply and enable access to everyone including people with hearing impairments. The Equality Act 2010 aims to prevent disability discrimination, and provides legal rights in areas of employment, access to goods and services and education. Therefore commercial buildings need to provide access in terms of employment and access to the public.

design4There are a number of hearing solutions that can provide access to hearing aid users. Induction loops are the all round solution as they can bring sound to every hearing aid user, everywhere and instantly without the need of an extra receiver. This means that any number of hearing aid users can benefit from the hearing loop at a given time.

An induction loop system can be suitable in a number of situations from counters and reception desks, to meeting rooms, and they can come in portable or fixed solutions.

There are also personal hearing solutions that we supply, these can help employees with an hearing impairment access and hear every word in face to face conversations, group meetings, or to use the telephone.

Fixed Induction Loop Systems & Amplifiers

Induction Loop Systems are the most popular and well-known type of assistive hearing system. An Induction Loop System allows users with a telecoil equipped hearing device (ie. hearing aid, switched to the T or MT position).



Infrared Hearing Systems

Infrared transmissions will not permeate walls, ceilings, or floors. This means that each room has total privacy. This is of particular benefit from an installation aspect where the fabric of the building cannot have cable attached.


Solution Focus
"Once the equipment specification was finalised everything went like clockwork. The engineers were very polite and professional. They went about their work with no fuss and required no input from us and left their work areas clean and tidy. It was a pleasure working with your company and I look forward to a long association with them as we have further projects in the pipeline."
Fleet Arm Air Museum, Yeovilton - Fixed Hearing Solution
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