Loop Systems

Loop amplifiers, across counter systems, testing equipment and more.

Infrared Systems

Infrared hearing solutions including receivers, radiators and cases.

Personal Devices

Earphones, neck loops, headphones and digital systems.

Education & Work

Hearing solutions for people at work or for schools and universities.

Comfort DigiSystem

Comfort Audio DigiSystem products for personal and commercial use.

Domestic Products

Loop systems for home use, telephones and other domestic solutions.

Microphones & Systems

A range of microphones and receivers for domestic and commercial use.

Hearing Accessories

Batteries, leads, cables and other types of hearing accessories.

Tour Guide Systems

The Comfort DigiSystem can be used for larger buildings and rooms whereby a number of hearing aid users may wish to access the benefits of amplified and clarified speech.

The DigiSystem is especially useful for locations where secrecy is an important issue, for example if confidential information is being shared.

Locations where this would be the case are court rooms, police stations and hospitals. Our expert technicians will provide consultation and site surveys, resulting in a comprehensive report and quotation.

Training is also provided by our technical team, ensuring that proper management and care of the system is carried out by the responsible parties.

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