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Comfort DigiSystem – hearing products for all situations

Wireless Comfort DigiSystem enhances speech and filters out disturbing background noise before it reaches your hearing aid. The choice of receiver and microphone depend on the situation in which you need help to hear better.



Who it’s For

The Comfort DigiSystem is most commonly used by individuals who wish to ensure that no matter where they are or what they are doing, they are empowered to hear what they need to hear. Too often, assistive hearing equipment installed in public buildings is not working properly or employer knowledge of the system is low or non-existent. This automatically puts people with hearing loss at a disadvantage to their hearing counterparts.

How it Can Help

The DigiSystem can help for personal use at home (watching TV, using mobile or landline phones); for studying purposes; or for work purposes. Individual users can receive funding for the DigiSystem via the Disabled Students’ Allowance and Access to Work schemes.


DigiSystem Tour Guide Case

museum-tour2The DigiSystem Tour Guide Case has been popular since its’ arrival at the beginning of 2009.

The National Trust have purchased a Digi Tour Guide Case and we will continue to promote this fantastic piece of equipment across the English Museum and Heritage market.

Essentially the case consists of one microphone and as many receivers as required. More or less microphones and receivers can be added at any point.

The equipment is completely portable and very simple to use. The key lock facility means that receiver users can not alter major settings.


Our Latest Work
Multi-user DigiSystem

The Comfort DigiSystem can be used for larger buildings and rooms whereby a number of hearing aid users may wish to access the benefits of amplified and clarified speech.

The DigiSystem is especially useful for locations where secrecy is an important issue, for example if confidential information is being shared.

Locations where this would be the case are court rooms, police stations and hospitals. Our expert technicians will provide consultation and site surveys, resulting in a comprehensive report and quotation.

Training is also provided by our technical team, ensuring that proper management and care of the system is carried out by the responsible parties.


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