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About Roger...

Typically, hearing aids excel in the ‘near field’, so are best suited to one-to-one conversations in quiet environments. When an individual is trying to hear from further away (>6ft), the hearing aid becomes less effective. This is where Roger comes in. 

Roger is a portfolio of products which work alongside hearing aids to help bridge the understanding gap, in noise and over distance, by wirelessly transmitting the speaker’s voice directly to the individual. Roger brings the speaker’s words directly into the ear and boosts speech understanding and enhances listening.

Roger has been developed especially for challenging listening situations where there is background noise, such as restaurants, business meetings or where there is distance from the speaker.

There are a range of products designed to support individual needs, situations and environments.

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Gordon Morris believe better hearing should be attainable for everyone and hope that with the help of our 0% interest pricing plans we can do just that!

Compatible with all hearing aids

Roger products are compatible with hearing aids (new and old) from all the main manufacturers: Phonak, Oticon, Sivantos, Widex, GN Resound and Unitron.

Roger devices work alongside nearly all hearing aids, our expert team will be able to advise which products are compatible with specific hearing aids. 

A truly dynamic system

Roger is incredibly intelligent technology. 

So much more than simply amplification, Roger is adaptive and dynamic so that listeners can be sure to hear the most important sounds clearly, and lesser, background noise is softened to reduce listening effort.

Roger & Receivers

Roger iN

Typically, hearing aid users need a receiver to use Roger technology. Receivers are small devices which fit into the bottom of a hearing aid. 

However, there are examples of new hearing aids, Phonak Marvel, which features RogerDirect functionality (so no receivers are needed to use Roger). 

Roger iN are the latest versions of Roger microphones and have the capability to install Roger receivers directly to Marvel hearing aids for direct streaming and access to the proven Roger performance. 

Roger SoundField

Roger Digimaster SoundField is an amplification system featuring industry-leading sound performance combined with plug-and-play simplicity. 

Roger Digimaster SoundField is suitable for both classrooms and business environments. When teaching, running training sessions or making presentations it is crucial that your audience can hear and clearly understand the speaker’s voice.

Roger Digimaster SoundField delivers high quality sound and has direct connectivity to hearing aid users ensuring every individual gets the best experience possible. The system does not require complex configuration or installation settings and will automatically configure to any room.

Roger Digimaster SoundField primarily supports individuals with hearing loss, but has also been found to increase speech understanding and decrease listening efforts for individuals with ‘normal’ hearing. 

Roger Portable
Room Systems

Roger Portable Room Systems and Conference systems are designed to deliver high quality audio in different environments such as meeting rooms, exhibition halls, class rooms and can be adapted to suit almost any situation. The products work for both people with and without hearing difficulties and can work directly with almost every hearing aid.

Portable systems are a flexible, portable solution and ensure there is a provision for any attendees that are hearing impaired and wearing a hearing aid.

Roger Portable Room Systems are a great alternative to solutions for buildings where Induction Loop Systems may not be a viable solution.

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