Our portable hearing solutions range from Portable Induction Loop Systems, Infra red systems to Digital radio systems. They include those designed for one-to-one listening such as the portable info loop to state of the art Comfort Digisytem .

Many of the solutions available are suitable for single and multi-user purposes, such as assistive listening devices for guided tours, as well as quality professional audio solutions ideal for installing within conference rooms, museums, studios & galleries.



Portable Induction Loop Systems

A portable Induction Loops System is ideal when a permanently fixed loop is not available. There is no limit to the number of people able to use this system. Also ideal for temporary venues yet commonly used in permanently environments such as offices and retail. Full servicing and technical support provided as standard.


Infrared Portable Hearing Systems

The Infrared transmissions will not permeate walls, ceilings, or floors. This means that each room has total privacy. As infrared systems are not hampered by multiple frequency problems, a person wearing an infrared receiver in one room can move to another room and use the same receiver unit without switching frequencies or units entirely.


Portable Radio FM Systems

Hard of hearing people can easily take portable assistive FM systems with them to presentations, lectures, meetings and social gatherings and because they are completely battery powered, they can be used anywhere- indoors or outside. We provide training if required so you can use this system effectively plus our product guarantee.


Portable DigiSystems

Our portable Digisystems work in the same way as a traditional FM radio system hearing system. Exploiting the advantages of digital technology to the maximum. The Comfort DigiSystem is revolutionary because of its use of Secure Stream Technology (SST) sound is processed, speech is clarified and annoying background noise is eliminated.