CTC-120-GM Counter Loop System (2) Gooseneck Microphone


Across the counter communications system to assist the hearing impaired customer.

The UniVox DLS-50 amplifier has a discreetly placed microphone and loop pad and can even be used through security glass.

With its built-in monitor output, it is easy to check and maintain excellent sound quality.

The DLS-50 is protected against short-circuits, can be wall mounted and represents a proven high-quality solution.


PLEASE NOTE: Our amplifiers coverage area are specified to generate the peaks (+12 dB & 400 mA/m) specified by the standard. They can not be compared with amplifiers specified for only 100 mA/m (16! times lower power)!

Price excludes VAT.

This product comes with a 2 year warranty.

Installation Services for Hearing Amplifiers

Professional installation can help maximise the distribution and use of this product and we provide installation services for this hearing amplifier loop system. Free advice and information is just a call away. 01458 272121.

VAT Exemption

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