Digi DC-20 Conference Microphone F2

DC-20 is a conference microphone for both short and long distances. Placed in the middle of a conference table, for example, it captures the voices of people sitting around. The advanced digital sound processing technique filters the speech, removes disturbing background noises and transmits it to the wireless receiver – in crystal clear sound quality.

Price on Application

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The conference microphone DC-20 is even equipped with a receiver. Sound can be received from other DigiSystem microphones and sent on to one or more receivers. Due to this SST receiver, it is possible to listen to several sound sources at the same time.

The DC-20 can be connected to mobile telephones via Bluetooth and to land line telephones via the original accessory Telelink. The conference microphone can also be used via remote control which will is available as an accessory.

Unique Characteristics

SST Secure Stream Technology – digital sound transfer
This unique digital sound transfer between the transmitter and the receiver eliminates all transmission noise. Moreover, the signals are encrypted, so no one can overhear what is being said. Unlike other conventional encrypted systems, SST is free from time lag and crystal clear.

PSE (Perceptional Speech Enhancement) – digital sound processing
The conference microphone DC-20 is equipped with a unique, high-power sound processing technique. The algorithms used to make this sound processing possible are the result of more than 20 years of research. Its main characteristic is the emphasis of the significant parts of speech, and at the same time, it suppresses noise, hiss and echoes.

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