Digi DM-30 Microphone Combo

DigiSystem DM-30 Microphone Combo – Personal Loop System.

The Comfort Audio DigiSystem range offers a unique series of assistive listening devices to help deaf or hard of hearing people accomplish normal everyday tasks without deafness becoming an unnecessary challenge. Comfort Audio has taken digital technology further and produced an innovative and stylish assistive hearing device that can be used with or without hearing aids.

The DM-30 is a microphone transmitter and receiver combined.

Price on Application

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This assistive hearing system can be used as a standalone unit, with its built in directional microphone and receiver. Hearing aid users can benefit from filtering out overpowering background noise and enhancing the speech of friends or colleagues nearby.

Alternatively the DigiSystem DM-30 Microphone Combo personal loop system can be used in conjunction with all of the DigiSystem transmitters providing a full personal assistive hearing system for almost any environment.

The DM-30 Microphone Combi has a unique neck loop which has to be purchased separately and is available in 2 sizes.
Alternatively non hearing aid users my use either headphones or ear buds.

This product comes with a 2 year warranty.

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