PAIRS Case (1) Portable Infrared Cases


The PAIRS Case (1) is a portable infrared case, which includes 2 wired boundary microphones and 4 receivers & neck loops.

Covers up to 370m².

The Portable Audio Infrared Case is a robust portable case providing constant field strength for superb clarity and speech perception.

When you demand stability, reliability, and security the PAIRS case will deliver.

Price excludes VAT.


We do sell infrared fixed systems complete with receivers and transmitters but in order to supply customers with a system that suits their specification we must know the following:

  • How many receivers are required (how many hearing aid users need to hear)?
  • How many microphones are required (how many people need to be heard)?
  • How many radiators are required?
  • What is the approximate floor area?

When you have the answers to these questions, please email us and we will find you your perfect system.

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