Roger Clip-on Mic



The Roger Clip-On Mic is as light as a feather and allows for a network of people to interface

with the Roger users, it features:

■ The same Pure Roger Performance as the Roger Pen.

Optimized directional mic setting for ‘lapel use case’.

Multiple microphone use in a network: Multiple Roger Pens and Roger Clip-On Mics work together in a network of up to 10 microphones. This is a real breakthrough for group discussions in noise.

Enhanced dynamic range for music: When an audio source is connected to the Roger Clip-On Mic, the dynamic range is enhanced, while maintaining the average loudness of the signal.

Every Clip-On Mic will come bundled with its own docking station meaning not only will it stream the sound from a TV, but it will charge the Clip-On Mic at the same time.

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