Roger X (03)


Roger X is a miniature universal receiver that is compatible with almost every hearing aid and cochlear implant speech processor on the market. It functions when connected to an audio shoe or streamer.

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The Roger X is easy to fit with no user adjustments, there is minimal setting up and, with no connecting wires, it has high visual appeal due to its small size.

Height: 9.65mm


  • Universal receiver for compatible hearing instruments
  • Auto-connect
  • Full compatibility with all Roger products
  • Automatic signal checking
  • No frequency management necessary
  • Improved aesthetics
  • Improved adaptive behaviour
  • Compatible with Compilot

The Roger X type 03 receivers are for use with Roger Pen and Roger Clip-On Mic transmitters.

Please note that type 03 receivers cannot be used with Roger inspiro transmitters.

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