SZI 30 IR Emitter 80m Slave


The SI 30 is a wideband modulator with an integral radiator. It can be switched between operation on channel 1 (2.3 MHz), channel 2 (2.8 MHz) and stereo operation.

Due to its compact size and relatively low radiating power, the SI 30 modulator/radiator and the SZI 30 radiator are an ideal choice for smaller or medium-sized rooms, for covering recesses or for applications which require transmission of audio information to well defined zones, e.g. in museums.

Covers up to 80m².

Slaves from SI 30 master unit for larger areas.

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Can be used within a cluster.


  • Compact radiator and modulator/radiator for the carrier frequencies 2.3 MHz and 2.8 MHz
  • Easy installation and precise alignment

Price excludes VAT.

Please note: When purchasing this radiator, you will also NEED to purchase a power supply unit and a wall mounting kit. Go to the infrared accessories page to view the options.

We do sell infrared fixed systems complete with receivers and transmitters but in order to supply customers with a system that suits their specification we must know the following:
– How many receivers are required (how many hearing aid users need to hear)?
– How many microphones are required (how many people need to be heard)?
– How many radiators are required?
– What is the approximate floor area?

When you have the answers to these questions, please email us and we will find you your perfect system.

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