Univox DLS 30 TV Loop Amplifier


The UniVox DLS series of induction loop amplifiers have been designed for use in smaller locations.

When you demand stability and reliability, the Univox DLS 30 TV will deliver, even in difficult environments. This loop amplifier has been designed specifically for LCD/plasma TV screens, which often have echo or delay problems when used in conjunction with an induction loop system.

The system covers an area of 30m².

The DLS 30 TV has a separate control, the TV Sync, with which the TV sound is synchronised correctly.

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With its built-in automatic scart control, it is easily connected to the scart output of your TV. The autoscart function is needed whenever you have one or more signal sources (digibox, VHS etc) connected to the TV. It secures the right sound in the loop.

This product comes with a 2 year warranty.

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