UniVox FSM 2.0 Field Strength Meter


Field Strength Meter FSM 2.0.

A Field Strength Meter is an Induction Loop Tester Kit.

The new FSM 2.0 is a complete measurement system that checks the performance of loop installations, ensuring it is working to international standards.

It has been designed to give better results, more complex measurements, and be faster & easier use.


Its many advanced and improved features include:

  • LCD screen
  • Reading in db relative to 400mA/M
  • Measurement range -51db – +6db
  • Reprogrammable so it is always compliant with IEC60118-4
  • Only FSM that fully conforms to regulations measuring noise below -47db
  • Db readings for 100Hz, 1kHz and 5kHz
  • Automatic range shifting
  • 16 variable multi-tone sine wave frequencies with graph readings 100Hz – 10kH

The FSM 2.0 is supplied with a carry case and a range of input/output cables and leads.

Price excludes VAT.