Univox SLS 700 Loop Amplifier


The SLS Induction Super Loop Systems are based upon tried and tested Univox amplifiers.

This system covers an area of 650m².

Professional induction loop systems give the hearing aid user convenience and clarity of sound.

Suitable for new builds and retrofitting, in theatres, cinemas, conference halls, and many other applications.

Receivers are built in to most hearing aids, eliminating the need for users to wear additional receivers, unlike radio and infra-red systems.


System consists of two loop configurations with separate amplifiers, drastically reducing overspill.

Constant phase filter built in.

Reduced vertical and horizontal overspill allows installation of loops in adjoining rooms without interference.

Can help to ensure privacy.

No middle drop caused by interference from steel-reinforced concrete.

This product comes with a 2 year warranty.

Installation Services for Hearing Amplifiers

Professional installation can help maximise the distribution and use of this product and we provide installation services for this hearing amplifier loop system. Free advice and information is just a call away. 01458 272121.

VAT Exemption

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