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Roger receivers are availble in several styles, which means there is a solution for everyone regardless of the hearing technology they currently use.

Roger X

roger-xThe miniature universal Roger receiver with 3-pin Euro plug is compatible with virtually all BTE hearing aids, cochlear implant speech processors and streaming devices.

Roger MyLink

roger-my-linkAn easy-to-use universal Roger receiver worn around the neck and compatible with any hearing aid or cochlear implant with T-coil.

Roger Focus

A discreet behind-the-ear receiver that cuts through distracting background noise to bring a speaker’s words directly into a child’s ears. These devices enable children with unilateral hearing loss and normal hearing children with Auditory Processing Disorder (APD), or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to understand speech in noise better.

This receiver is also suitable for adults whose hearing is yet to be deemed poor enough to rquire a hearing aid.

Roger Design Integrated Receivers

Roger Integrated ReceiversThese discreet Roger receivers perfectly compliment the sleek contours of a Phonak hearing aid and are available in matching colors and tamperproof versions. There are also design-integrated Roger receivers compatible with selected cochlear implants (CIs).