Sennheiser have a world-renowned reputation for the design and manufacture of high fidelity audio products for both personal and business applications. The company rightly enjoys a reputation for quality, innovation and reliability and Gordon Morris is delighted to be able to supply, install and train on a range of Sennheiser systems and are accredited as a Pro Audio & Specialist Dealer.

Gordon Morris specialise in the installation of the Sennhesier MobileConnect and Infra-Red systems – using, of course, Sennheiser microphones.

Mobile smart phones and wi-fi are ubiquitous with the modern world. So, it makes sense to use these technologies to help deliver audio to the end-user when in the past expensive induction loops would have been installed.

Example of a MobileConnect Installation

The system comprises a streaming server that takes up to four audio input channels channels and streams the audio to up to 100 users. For larger audiences, additional streaming servers (ConnectStations) are required and can accommodate up to 1,000 users.

Sennheiser ConnectStation

Each user downloads a (free) app to their phone (or tablet) to connect to the wi-fi streamed audio, which can then be picked up on their headphones or streamed to a neck loop if hearing impaired. The app can adjust volume and tone of the audio – so each user can adjust the sound to their specific preferences.

Sennheiser MobileConnect
Sennheiser MobileConnect

Sennheiser MobileConnect App