Help for Disability Professionals

We work across the UK with disability professionals and support them in understanding the options available to enhance the hearing of hearing aid users.

Gordon Morris Ltd are a recognised DSA-QAG Specialist Supplier and we guarantee quality assurance with our ISO 9001:2008 accreditation and 2 year warranty on Comfort Audio & Phonak products.

All our personal equipment is available to evaluate for a free 10 day product trial. We want to make sure that not just any solution is provided, but that the solution is right for individual.

Product training after purchase is easily arranged and is recommended to ensure that the user is fully equipped with the knowledge on how the system works and its full potential.

We offer assistive listening devices and other technologies that help the hard of hearing to function as effectively as possible wherever they are; at home, in the classroom, at work or whilst out and about.


We help you by providing training, loan equipment and advice through our Assessor Support Group

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Disability Officer

We work with you to advise on solutions for the individual that are integrated with your facility management strategy

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Our assistive listening devices ensure that the hearing aid user is as effective as possible, wherever they are.

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"…thank you for great advice this morning and sending me information that will help my lip-reading students"
Sally Joyner, In The Loop