Help for the Hard of Hearing

Gordon Morris, started losing his hearing at the age of 3, following a bout of measles. He started this business with a simple goal; to help as many hard of hearing people as possible, be as effective as those who can hear, whether at home, work or in education.

We liaise with individuals to fully understand their hearing situation and the problems they are having. Invariably they will already be using a hearing aid, and you will be aware that in many situations, this is not sufficient.

There are government schemes (such as the Disability Student Allowance and Access to Work) where the equipment we recommend can be purchased, where all or part of the costs will be covered – and we can advise on how to access this funding.

facebook-thumbs-upWe have a Facebook page you can LIKE to stay in touch with us, and others who are hard of hearing. The Facebook page provides information, competitions and updates for the hard of hearing; we hope you become part of our community.

Fixed Solutions

Domestic personal hearing loops can be installed in your home or place of residence to assist with your hearing

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Personal Solutions

To help when you are learning, working or socialisng. Be it in your home, on the phone or in larger spaces

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There are government schemes that provide funding for hearing equipment when you are in employment or education

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"…this is the company that has provided me with my portable loop. I highly recommend them if you are looking for assistive devices for the hard of hearing."
Tom Kane, Deaf N Able