VAT Exemption Forms

 October 14, 2014
Posted by Trudy

If you are deaf or hard of hearing you may be eligible for VAT exemption on the purchase of some products and services.

Please download the relevant form below.
Read, sign and return it to us via email or by post to:

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Post :
Gordon Morris Ltd.
Unit 21. Wessex Park
Somerton Business Park
TA11 6SB

To qualify for VAT exemption and a refund you would need to either be registered as deaf or hard of hearing with your local health authority or GP.

If you are in any doubt as to whether you are eligible to receive goods or services exempt from VAT you should consult your local VAT office before signing the declaration. The VAT Act 1983 provides for severe penalties for anyone who makes use of a document which they know to be false for the purposes of obtaining VAT relief.

Click her to download Individual VAT exemption form

Click her to download Charity VAT exemption form