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Why Choose Gordon Morris Ltd

gordonBuilt upon the founders unique position as a qualified sound engineer and hearing aid user coupled with enthusiasm and passion to help the hearing impaired.

The company’s 35 years experience in the field of hearing aids, hearing equipment and other assistive hearing devices. ensures that we supply, install, maintain and advise on a range of equipment and environmental aids for hearing impairment to the highest standards.

This passion has been instilled in the staff who together have decades of experience and continue to make Gordon Morris Ltd one of the most respected professional providers of hearing solutions in the UK.

Our Company

Gordon Morris LtdĀ helps people with hearing impairment to break through the sound barrier.


For over 35 years, Gordon has used his personal understanding and technical knowledge to select a wide range of equipment that matches his commitment to quality, innovation and functionality.

We provide the tools that empower individuals to tackle deafness and allow organisations to reach deaf people more effectively.

"As a hearing aid user for over 50 years, I understand at first hand the frustration deaf people experience with inadequate assistive hearing systems. I have been installing and supplying hearing equipment for many years and my experience tells me that most problems people experience in this field stem from a lack of information, misunderstandings and poor training. We at Gordon Morris Ltd pride ourselves on the integrity of our recommendations, customer care and our expert installations"
Gordon Morris Founder
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