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Comfort Duett

The Comfort Duett is a small, multi purpose personal listener.

It is the ideal listening device for people with a mild hearing loss.

A built-in coil enables the user to listen to the sound from an induction loop, if there is one in the room. It can also amplify the sound from the TV/radio/hi-fi or telephone.

The Duett is available in three system types, either a neck loop, headphones or earphones, depending upon the users preference and whether or not they wear hearing aids.

The Duett is supplied complete with a charging unit and a rechargeable battery, removing the annoying need to regularly replace the battery.

The Duett when seated in the charger unit, can be used to amplify sound from many different sound sources. The charger unit is connected to either a TV/radio or telephone via the appropriate amplification kit.

Available Duett amplification kits are telephone amplification kit and the TV amplification kit.

Comfort Duett
Comfort Duett

More information can be found in these informative videos below.

Introducing the Comfort Duett

The Duett is set up and ready to use but should you need to make any adjustments this video shows you how