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Comfort Contego

The Comfort Contego is state of the art assistive hearing equipment for the hearing impaired, using FM radio technology.

For many people with a hearing impairment, there are situations in their daily lives where a hearing aid is not enough. The Contego has been developed as a wireless hearing product that will help a person with a hearing impairment join in all situations for a more active life.

  • Easy to use
  • Excellent sound quality without time lag
  • Clear display
  • Eavesdrop secure
  • Long operating time (up to 20 hours)
  • Non-invasive and light-weight with a stylish and smart design.

The transmitter has a zoom function; a directional and omni-directional microphone setting.
The receiver has a built in microphone, which also has a zoom function.
This means that the best possible sound reception is achieved via the digital sound transmission.

Comfort Contego
Single User
Comfort Contego Single User
Comfort Contego
Multi user case
Comfort Contego Multi User Case

More information can be found in the informative video below.