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Comfort Digisystem

The Comfort DigiSystem is a digital wireless communication system consisting of a series of microphones and receivers that can be combined flexibly according to individual needs and requirements.

It enhances speech and filters out disturbing background noise before it reaches the hearing aid. The choice of receiver and microphone depend on the situation in which the user needs help to hear better.

The Comfort DigiSystem is most commonly used by individuals who wish to ensure that no matter where they are or what they are doing, they are empowered to hear what they need to hear. Too often, assistive hearing equipment installed in public buildings is not working properly or employer knowledge of the system is low or non-existent. This automatically puts people with hearing loss at a disadvantage to their hearing counterparts.

The Comfort DigiSystem Multi User System can be used for larger buildings and rooms whereby a number of users may wish to access the benefits of amplified and clarified speech.

This system has been purchased by Primary Care Trusts and the National Trust

Comfort Digi System
Standard System
Standard System
Comfort Digisystem
Multi user case
Multi User Case

The Comfort DigiSystem has a range of microphones and receivers designed for different scenarios.

We believe that a system should meet your needs as an individual, so why not contact us for further recommendations or arrange a no obligation system trial.