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We understand the importance of being aware of the impact our organisation has upon society and the environment. We take corporate social responsibilities seriously as a manufacturer, consumer, distributor and employer.

corporatesocialresponsibility_000Gordon Morris Ltd is committed to operating responsibly and in line and beyond national and European recommendations and guidelines. We reflect these commitments by continuing to understand, monitor and manage our existing policies and certifications.

Standards of Conducting Business

Whatever your involvement with our business may be, the team at Gordon Morris Ltd are committed to ensuring that our service is conducted in an ethical and professional manner and in accordance with our policies and accreditations.


We aim to offer our customers the highest possible quality of service, maintaining the respect, care and integrity that Gordon Morris Ltd has always prided itself on. Our customers are provided with a copy of the terms and conditions of sale and supply at the point of quotation.


We work closely with all our suppliers and manufacturers that have adopted and practice responsible business policies. We work together to help us aspire and achieve the very best delivery of our products and services.


As a small business Gordon Morris Ltd actively supports, promotes and engages with the local community in which we operate. By supporting the local community we advocate fair-trading and accept as a business our social, ethical and environmental responsibility.

Human Rights and Resources

Gordon Morris Ltd respects and adheres to the Universal of Declaration of Human Rights and operates in accordance with its guidelines when conducting any business. As an employer Gordon Morris Ltd provide safe working conditions and encourages staff towards professional development, we do not discriminate against sex, race, or disability and comply with the equal opportunities act.

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